E-services for the comprehensive computerization

County Authority Office in Sierpc and county offices' units

On September 22, 2016 the County of Sierpc has the funding agreement for the project:




Co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund under the Priority Axis II "Increase of Mazovia's e-potential" Measure 2.1 "E-services" Sub-measure 2.1.1 "E-services for Mazovia" Regional Operational Programme of Mazovia Voivodship for years 2014-2020


Project signature: RPMA.02.01.01-14-2920/15-00, Total project cost: 2 995 050,00 PLN
The beneficiary: The County of Sierpc


Implementation period: from 01/09/2015 to 31/03/2018


The main aim of the project is to launch public services over the web to increase the usage of information and communication technologies for ensuring better quality of administrative services. To achieve that goal, a number of more detailed tasks will be implemented:

  • extension of the County web portal with a platform for public services provided electronically "e-office",
  • modernization and development of the County IT system to ensure interoperability of public ICT systems, computerization of access to public information and enabling the broadest range of public services provided electronically together with full interaction with the offices, i.e. the possibility of complete settlement remotely,
  • meeting the requirement of cooperation with external systems and registers,
  • increase of the data safety.

The above direct goals translate into a number of intermediate goals in the project:

  • development of e-services with the highest level of maturity, which citizens will benefit from,
  • improving the accessibility of public registers for the citizens,
  • improving the customer service process,
  • improving the quality of public services provided,
  • streamlining the process of data and information collection,
  • increasing the security level of data and information,
  • accelerating the access to data and information,
  • development of competences of the County Office's employees.

The above main goal as well as the subgoals will be achieved by the implementation of the investment tasks:

  • purchase of computer equipment,
  • modernization of the ICT infrastructure in Sierpc County offices' units,
  • development of the comprehensive data security system,
  • development of the server environment,
  • implementation of the electronic platform for e-services available for citizens,
  • ensuring interoperability of the IT system with the ePUAP national platform.

County Authority Office in Sierpc
ul.Świętokrzyska 2a
09-200 Sierpcu
phone no. (24) 275-91-01
Project Manager: Magdalena Piotrowska
phone no. (24) 275-91-05
Technical Project Manager: Michał Chiczewski
phone no. (24) 275-91-07
Project Accountant: Ilona Lipka
phone no. (24) 275-91-19